What I am reading today (21 Sept 2017)

  1. Emerging Market Bonds have been a winning trade: Bloomberg Gadfly
  2. Cryptocurrencies: Experiments or assets? Medium
  3. Lesson from the crash of ’87: What Works on Wall Street
  4. The folly of quantimental: The Reformed Broker
  5. Betting with or against…Warren Buffet: Ritholtz
  6. Is your value fund really a value fund? CFA Blog
  7. The signals from the Fed were clear: Bloomberg View
  8. A global perspective goes a long way in generating equity returns: AB Global
  9. Dont be complacent: Project Syndicate
  10. Digital age and Emerging Markets: Franklin Templeton

What I am reading today (20 Sept 2017)

  1. Dow 1 mil in a 100 years…is it really that crazy a thought? The Reformed Broker
  2. Buy mall bonds, sell mall stocks – trade of the moment! – WSJ
  3. The real test is in admitting you are wrong! A Wealth of Common Sense
  4. Expect inflation? Read this – Market Anthropology
  5. Exploring the “Parallel Worlds” scenario: CFA Blog
  6. Luxury goods market growth drive by…the emerging market consumer! Deloitte
  7. Signed, sealed, delevered – Fed! PIMCO
  8. Politics and your portfolio: Real Clear Markets
  9. Being the lone wolf…Of Dollars And Data
  10. Going off the gold standard was…good or bad? FT

What I am reading today (29 June 2017)

  1. The debatable valuations: Bloomberg View
  2. Economists have consistently been optimistic: Ritholtz
  3. The signs from Bond and Equity moves are dangerous: Forbes
  4. Was Moody’s China downgrade warranted? Project Syndicate
  5. US Mean reversion will be very slow: GMO
  6. Millennials and their short term fears: Franklin Templeton
  7. Expect a stronger Euro: Knowledge Leaders Capital
  8. The market doesn’t care: Price Action Lab
  9. Diversification – learn to relax about differences in correlation: 
  10. Now, Financials are the best performing sector this year: Capital Spectator

What I am reading today (21 June 2017)

  1. MSCI includes China A-shares – What you need to know! Krane Shares
  2. The market is overvalued you say…here is what you do: A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. Hedge funds manage more money than ever: Bloomberg View
  4. A much higher frequency of risk-on/risk-off of late: Price Action Lab
  5. Understanding our belief system is important: CFA Blog
  6. Integrated management of interest rate and credit risk is essential today: AB Global
  7. Looking for value in equities? It’s getting very concentrated: Knowledge Leaders
  8. Bitcoin and the power of belief: Of Dollars and Data
  9. The clustering of hedge fund returns:
  10. Fed reducing its balance sheet should not leave you worried! Dash of Insight

What I am reading today (19 June 2017)

  1. “I’m going for it anyway”: The Reformed Broker
  2. Lessons from the Kansas tax cutting experiment: Ritholtz
  3. Estimated earnings are still positive: Fundamentalis
  4. Bearish? What if the stock market tripled by 2026? Forbes
  5. Five scary market predictions to keep the euphoria in check! Time
  6. QE: Far from successful! First Trust Advisors
  7. Market is running ahead of Fundamentals: GMO
  8. How to wind down the $4tn Balance Sheet! Hussman
  9. Diversification and Momentum: Mr Zepczynski
  10. MLPs back in sync with oil prices: Bloomberg

What I am reading today (18 June 2017)

  1. Flattening of the yield curve…get over it! The Reformed Broker
  2. The 9 rules of research from Ned Davis: NDR
  3. When is the next recession? We wouldn’t know: Market Watch
  4. Internet has made gauging market sentiment tougher! Bloomberg View
  5. Where lies the Minsky moment? Mauldin Economics
  6. It is time for QT (Quantitative Tightening): Euro Pacific Capital
  7. Active Equity Managers have beaten the market well in EM: AB Global
  8. A few lessons to keep by your side: A Teachable Moment
  9. Not too quick to judge a correction: Price Action Lab
  10. Need a contra call? It may be a good time to buy Energy: Knowledge Leaders Capital

What I am reading today (13 June 2017)

  1. Contemplating ETF selection? Good enough will do: The Irrelevant Investor
  2. The Tech wreck…may just be exaggerated: A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. Tech talent: USA’s loss…is Canada’s gain! NPR
  4. Understanding Women and Millennials: CFA Blog
  5. Making money with money is not a great strategy anymore: Janus Henderson
  6. Global Energy is seeing seismic shifts: Bloomberg
  7. Why we cling to Pessimism: Collaborative Fund
  8. Fund Managers’ Asset Allocation – June: The Fat Pitch
  9. The power of Momentum is underrated: Of Dollars and Data
  10. Muni bond ladder investing – Active wins vs Passive: AB Global

What I am reading today (09 June 2017)

  1. The 24 minutes you may want not to miss: The Reformed Broker
  2. The unsung heroes of Investing: Bps & Pieces
  3. A lot has changed in investment management: Humble Dollar
  4. Ways around uncertainty: Vanguard
  5. Looking for a black swan – look to North Korea: Market Watch
  6. EU sets an example – how to save a failing bank: Bloomberg View
  7. The sharing economy and rise of crowd based capitalism: CFA Blog
  8. Being a B-Corporation…does it matter! Collaborative Fund
  9. Beware of the hedgerows: A Teachable Moment
  10. Diversification – Not as easy as it sounds: Knowledge Leaders Capital

What I am reading today (07 June 2017)

  1. Statman and Mauboussin’s greatest: A Wealth of Common Sense
  2. The brightest are in Finance…really? Bloomberg View
  3. 68% expect…40% may leave…inheritance: CNBC
  4. The $13 trillion consumer debt hangover: Bloomberg
  5. It is Fed vs the bond investors…stay away from the longer term: Schwab
  6. Increasing the debt ceiling needs to be top priority: Forecasts & Trends
  7. No…it is not just like 1987: The Fat Pitch
  8. Warren Buffet and the power of liquidity: Of Dollars and Data
  9. The four scenarios in the bond market: Alpha Sources
  10. Will Marvin Goodfriend be the dove among the hawks? FT

What I am reading today (06 June 2017)

  1. The change in perspective: Ray Dalio
  2. The big geopolitical fallout – Qatar’s isolation: Bloomberg
  3. The message from the bond markets for equities…is there one? Dash of Insight
  4. Diversification is hard…and getting harder: A Wealth of Common Sense
  5. Sharpe on the “the nastiest, hardest problem in finance.”: Bloomberg View
  6. Risks to the global recovery: Project Syndicate
  7. Well summarized in the three factors: Hussman
  8. Look to Forex as an asset class: Price Action Lab
  9. Its not just the returns, but also the path that matters: The Irrelevant Investor
  10. Expect an inverted yield curve by end of 2017…here’s why! CNBC