What I am reading today (16 Nov 2017)

  1. Keep an eye on Germany if the US hits a road bump: CFA Blog
  2. TPP without the US is better than before: FEE
  3. Investors and macro analysis: Calculated Risk
  4. Worried by the yield curve? Don’t be! Scott Grannis
  5. Being in control of one’s time: A Wealth of Common Sense
  6. Multi-sector credit in an era of full valuations: PIMCO Blog
  7. Norway’s $1tn Wealth fund looks to dump $35bn in Oil & Gas: Bloomberg
  8. The Vancguard prediction – $350bn in new cash in 2017: WSJ
  9. The stunning distribution of global wealth: Tony Isola
  10. Bubble Watch X: Brooklyn Investor

What I am reading today (15 Nov 2017)

  1. Once again we look at CAPE – 13% too high? FRBSF
  2. Now may be a good time to add to non-US allocations! Factor Investor
  3. Shale drillers – Is there a turnaround in sight finally? Bloomberg
  4. Global cyclical outlook – 2017: AB
  5. 11 rules for equity valuations: CFA Blog
  6. Waiting for volatility? Look to China: BI
  7. Could this be a leading indicator of a bear market? Price Action Lab
  8. The case for investing in Japan: Knowledge Leaders Capital
  9. Coal is NOT back…it is on life support! Bloomberg View
  10. Caution alone is not an investment strategy: A wealth of common sense

What I am reading today (26 Sept 2017)

  1. Define who you are, and who you are not! A Wealth of Common Sense
  2. The uncanny similarity between Amazon and Sears: The Atlantic
  3. The S&P has doubled from its 2007 peak: Bloomberg
  4. The turn of the tide for the FANGS? The Macro Tourist
  5. What could you make if you invested in AAPL today? FAST Graphs
  6. MPT is not dead! CFA Blog
  7. The crucial FCC vote for Musk’s SpaceX! Fortune
  8. Need skill to find treasure in US high yield: AB Global
  9. Productivity: the key to growth: Collaborative Fund
  10. Value Investing: Is it dead? Prag Cap

What I am reading today (25 Sept 2017)

What I am reading today (21 Sept 2017)

  1. Emerging Market Bonds have been a winning trade: Bloomberg Gadfly
  2. Cryptocurrencies: Experiments or assets? Medium
  3. Lesson from the crash of ’87: What Works on Wall Street
  4. The folly of quantimental: The Reformed Broker
  5. Betting with or against…Warren Buffet: Ritholtz
  6. Is your value fund really a value fund? CFA Blog
  7. The signals from the Fed were clear: Bloomberg View
  8. A global perspective goes a long way in generating equity returns: AB Global
  9. Dont be complacent: Project Syndicate
  10. Digital age and Emerging Markets: Franklin Templeton

What I am reading today (20 Sept 2017)

  1. Dow 1 mil in a 100 years…is it really that crazy a thought? The Reformed Broker
  2. Buy mall bonds, sell mall stocks – trade of the moment! – WSJ
  3. The real test is in admitting you are wrong! A Wealth of Common Sense
  4. Expect inflation? Read this – Market Anthropology
  5. Exploring the “Parallel Worlds” scenario: CFA Blog
  6. Luxury goods market growth drive by…the emerging market consumer! Deloitte
  7. Signed, sealed, delevered – Fed! PIMCO
  8. Politics and your portfolio: Real Clear Markets
  9. Being the lone wolf…Of Dollars And Data
  10. Going off the gold standard was…good or bad? FT

What I am reading today (29 June 2017)

  1. The debatable valuations: Bloomberg View
  2. Economists have consistently been optimistic: Ritholtz
  3. The signs from Bond and Equity moves are dangerous: Forbes
  4. Was Moody’s China downgrade warranted? Project Syndicate
  5. US Mean reversion will be very slow: GMO
  6. Millennials and their short term fears: Franklin Templeton
  7. Expect a stronger Euro: Knowledge Leaders Capital
  8. The market doesn’t care: Price Action Lab
  9. Diversification – learn to relax about differences in correlation: 
  10. Now, Financials are the best performing sector this year: Capital Spectator

What I am reading today (21 June 2017)

  1. MSCI includes China A-shares – What you need to know! Krane Shares
  2. The market is overvalued you say…here is what you do: A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. Hedge funds manage more money than ever: Bloomberg View
  4. A much higher frequency of risk-on/risk-off of late: Price Action Lab
  5. Understanding our belief system is important: CFA Blog
  6. Integrated management of interest rate and credit risk is essential today: AB Global
  7. Looking for value in equities? It’s getting very concentrated: Knowledge Leaders
  8. Bitcoin and the power of belief: Of Dollars and Data
  9. The clustering of hedge fund returns:
  10. Fed reducing its balance sheet should not leave you worried! Dash of Insight

What I am reading today (19 June 2017)

  1. “I’m going for it anyway”: The Reformed Broker
  2. Lessons from the Kansas tax cutting experiment: Ritholtz
  3. Estimated earnings are still positive: Fundamentalis
  4. Bearish? What if the stock market tripled by 2026? Forbes
  5. Five scary market predictions to keep the euphoria in check! Time
  6. QE: Far from successful! First Trust Advisors
  7. Market is running ahead of Fundamentals: GMO
  8. How to wind down the $4tn Balance Sheet! Hussman
  9. Diversification and Momentum: Mr Zepczynski
  10. MLPs back in sync with oil prices: Bloomberg

What I am reading today (18 June 2017)

  1. Flattening of the yield curve…get over it! The Reformed Broker
  2. The 9 rules of research from Ned Davis: NDR
  3. When is the next recession? We wouldn’t know: Market Watch
  4. Internet has made gauging market sentiment tougher! Bloomberg View
  5. Where lies the Minsky moment? Mauldin Economics
  6. It is time for QT (Quantitative Tightening): Euro Pacific Capital
  7. Active Equity Managers have beaten the market well in EM: AB Global
  8. A few lessons to keep by your side: A Teachable Moment
  9. Not too quick to judge a correction: Price Action Lab
  10. Need a contra call? It may be a good time to buy Energy: Knowledge Leaders Capital