“Put simply, US stocks, bonds and real estate are the most trusted and relied upon financial “risk assets” on planet earth. We have strong contract law and, as a result, people all over the world allocate to these instruments with confidence. We should not take this for granted or fool ourselves into believing it’s permanent.” – 

More at The Reformed Broker


2 thoughts on “S&P and the premium of the rule of law!

  1. Josh
    Take a breath..your Way over the top on this….The “facts” you report are suspect…..
    Investment minus politics…Barry said what?…..
    I have been a student of history all my life ..Mgd client $$ for 32 yrs (fee based) now retired..I like reading ,listening to your thoughts…but something seriously altered your reasoning..lately


  2. Pls google Bill Clinton’s state of the union address from 94-maybe 95 addressing the flaws and serious violations of immigration policy in U.S. and how we needed to wake up,..


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