what i have been reading today (03 Feb 2017)

  1. America’s Banks: Stability or Exuberance?

    “In eliminating toxic investment choices from the consumers’ grasp, the quasi-marxist Department of Labor has taken our freedom to not retire away from us. The idea that financial professionals should be forced to sit on the same side of the table as their less knowledgable customers is the biggest regulatory overreach since the outlawing of asbestos in building construction.” – 

    More at The Reformed Broker

  2. Stock Market Analysts will be wrong about 2017…here is why:

    “Indeed, seventh year of the decade tends to be one of unusual volatility for stock prices. While it’s true crashes, corrections and panics are quite common in the seventh year (e.g. September 1987, October 1997, February/August 2007), the seventh year also sees a pronounced tendency for sustained rallies in the first seven months of the year. Accordingly, 2017 could be a year filled with tremendous opportunity for making money in the stock market – in both directions.” – Clif_Droke

    More at Market Oracle

  3. January Jobs Report: Analysis

    “Although the headlines are likely to focus on the big “beat” of monthly employment creation (227,000 new jobs, compared with consensus expectations of 180,000), the January jobs report released Friday is much more complex and nuanced — both in its messages and implications.” – 

    More at Bloomberg

  4. Revisions to Estimates: Developed Markets see a surge


    “The percentage of positive revisions to developed market sales and earnings estimates jumped over the last month, with an average of 76% of companies reporting better sales estimates and 70% reporting better earnings estimates.” – 

    More at Gavekal Capital

  5. What to buy in a rising rate scenario?

    More at AB Global

  6. Leveraged VIX Securities: Interest grows by the day!

    More at Bloomberg

  7. Is there a currency war coming Mr Trump?

    “Today, the currency wars have brought the U.S. to the cusp of a trade war. President Trump and several of his top advisers in recent days have complained that not only is China a currency manipulator, but so are Japan and Germany. It seems the U.S. is tired of the new “king dollar” phase it’s been in lately, and is willing to take action to cheapen the dollar.” – Jim Rickards

    More at Daily Reckoning

  8. The case for impending higher wages

    “This recovery has been underappreciated, unloved and different from the usual recession recoveries. But all the signs are there that wages are rising, steadily if slowly. With unemployment at 4.8 percent and with increasing labor force participation, we could see faster wage increases.” – 

    More at Bloomberg

  9. Another comparison of expectations vs reality

    “Stemming from the virtual absence of underwhelming economic data… the cumulative weight of growing confidence – as relative as it may be, continues to list US markets towards what we suspect will become another surprise “Come about!” in investors optimistic expectations towards the US economy.”

    More at Market Anthropology


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