…what I have been reading today (14 Feb 2017):

  1. Insights from the 50/30/20 rule! – A Wealth of Common Sense
  2. Learning from History – First Trust
  3. Number of stocks outperforming shrinks as MSCI World Index Outperforms – Gavekal Capital
  4. Why the volatility is low & whether earnings are finally picking up –  Charles Schwab
  5. Speaking of volatility – is it time to buy? – Seeking Alpha
  6. Are the markets actually factoring in all the uncertainty — driving higher while risks build up! – Polemics Pains
  7. Changing our minds isn’t easy. No…really! – The Reformed Broker
  8. What does the CAPE ratio really tell us today? – The Irrelevant Investor
  9. Buffet and beating the market – The Brooklyn Investor
  10. Number of days without a 1% correction: a historical comparison of bull streaks – Almanac Trader

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