…what I have been reading today (06 March 2017)

  1. On this day 8 years ago…A historical perspective: The Reformed Broker
  2. And only twice before has this happened: Bloomberg
  3. the 100 most overpaid CEOs and their underperformance: As You Sow
  4. “There are about 8,000 planes in the air and 100 really good pilots.” – Ray Dalio. More on hedge funds at CFA Blogs
  5. Another one on the impending doom in the stock markets: Business Insider
  6. Speaking of impending doom…why adjust for interest rates? The price and expected cash flows should suffice: Hussman Funds
  7. But is there trouble in every bubble: 
  8. ETFs =Arugula, Mutual Funds = Iceberg Lettuce: The Irrelevant Investor
  9. The case for Emerging Market Equities: GMO

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