India: Economic Survey says India has the highest NPA among emerging economies!

“According to the Economic Survey 2016-17, Indian Banks 9.1% of the loans are considered as NPA. Which is the similar to current Russia and Korea during early 2000’s (East Asian Crisis). The major reason: a drastic increase due to over expansion of corporations during an earlier economic boom.” – Shreesh

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India: Disrupting Healthcare!

“In Bangalore, India, heart surgeons perform daily state-of-the-art heart surgery on adults and children at an average cost of $1,800. For the record, that’s about 2% of the $90,000 that the average heart surgery costs in the United States. And when it comes to the quality of the heart surgery, the patient outcomes are among the best in the world.” – Robert Pearl

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Mutual Funds and Celebrity Endorsements

“Alas, many sponsors are in both businesses and that is the problem. This is why AMFI, instead of opposing celebrity endorsements in insurance, wants it for MF also. For sponsors who are in both businesses, they will not take a stance against insurance. There lies the irony. No one has any genuine concern for the investor.”

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Maharashtra: Connection delays despite a surplus?

“Clearly, ease of doing business is not just an arbitrary ranking that the World Bank puts out every year. Even hardened industrialists, inured to the pain of doing business and obtaining licences and permissions in India, are beginning to fret at the absence of change on the ground and lack of accountability of government employees.” – Sucheta Dalal

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India: Active Fund Managers the clear winners!

“Across the world, the dominant narrative is that it’s hard for active managers to outperform; it’s hard for investors to identify winning managers in advance; and even harder to stick with them through inevitable cycles of underperformance. Therefore, investors should control what they can and opt for low-cost passive funds that promise only to match market performance. This narrative runs aground in India.” – Shwetabh Sameer

Large Cap:

Small/Mid Cap:
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Source: Morningstar