Best of the Blogs (30 May 2017)

  1. Evidence Based Investing: Views from JB: The Reformed Broker
  2. Real Estate – The good to know facts: A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. Oaktree Capital at the Wharton: Ritholtz
  4. Markets are not systemic: CFA Blog
  5. Trump’s threat to the EU Political class…is also true! CNBC
  6. The end matters…a lot! Of Dollars and Data
  7. Managed futures and the blending factors: Mark Rzepczynski
  8. It shouldn’t be Fed vs Growth: Bloomberg
  9. OPEC no more controls oil price? Forbes
  10. Who will reshape the world? China’s seniors! Bloomberg View

What I am reading today (29 May 2017)

  1. The Knowledge economy vs Trumpism: The Reformed Broker
  2. Solar cheaper than coal for India: The Energy Mix
  3. The rush for ESG Investing reminds one of the 1980s: CFA Blog
  4. The contradictions in Trump’s budget: Project Syndicate
  5. Betting on European stocks = Closet forex speculation: Price Action Lab
  6. Volatility in commodity markets…shall return someday! Bloomberg
  7. Momentum strategy has worked…but its time it took a breather: HORAN
  8. Great advice…from Buffet, Munger and Gates: Safal Niveshak
  9. Demographics and Economic Growth matters: Econompic
  10. The Double Intense Carnage: Tony Isola

What I am reading today (28 May 2017)

  1. It’s not easy to stay the course: A Wealth of Common Sense
  2. European stocks…what do you think? The Reformed Broker
  3. Marc Andreessen with Barry Ritholtz: Medium
  4. How to win in Financial Markets: Forbes
  5. View the Markets as they are! CFA Blog
  6. So when do valuations really matter? Hussman
  7. Meanwhile, keep an eye on Asia: Northern Trust
  8. Politics and Fed trumped by solid economics and earnings: Charles Schwab
  9. The crowded trade! Price Action Lab
  10. Equities or Individual Commodities: Bloomberg

What I am reading today (25 May 2017)

  1. Disruption…or is it? Polemic’s Pains
  2. The shift from Investment Management to Financial Advice! A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. US Consumer credit grows while mortgage debt comes off: Ritholtz
  4. Painful if you are early…more painful if you are late: Yahoo Finance
  5. Siegel vs Shiller: CFA Blog
  6. Volatility is near all time lows…or is it? AB Global
  7. The three geopolitical shifts to watch…Part 1 and Part 2: Knowledge Leaders Capital
  8. Bitcoin – worth twice as much as gold: Economist
  9. 4x leverage funds = 4x the returns? Not exactly: TFS Capital`
  10. We are in a bubble…NOT: The Brooklyn Investor

What I am reading today (18 May 2017)

  1. Trump Impeachment…what are the odds? Financial Times
  2. Correction? What is that? The Reformed Broker
  3. Staying invested is tough…today and always! The Irrelevant Investor
  4. Volatility has spiked…what should you do? Pension Partners
  5. The Fund of Funds Business…no better days yet. Value Walk
  6. Another argument for thinking global – A Wealth of Common Sense
  7. The rise of active management – How? CFA blog
  8. Watergate: What did the stock markets do then? Yahoo Finance
  9. Bond Market and what it signals on the Fed rate hike: Knowledge Leaders Capital
  10. Washington turmoil and a currency roundup: Marc to Market

A must must read!

Everytime there comes a disruptive idea, it is followed by skeptics calling for failure. With the benefit of hindsight, it may be worth our while to take a look at how revolutionary inventions such as a car or a plane were taken by the society. Morgan Housel has taken a deep dive into this and is worth every minute you may spend reading this article.

Source: The Collaborative Fund


What I am reading today (3 Apr 2017)

  1. Foreign stocks and bonds top the list: Capital Spectator
  2. Fastest growing and shrinking of the Fortune 500: Craft
  3. Don’t give in to peer pressure: Tony Isola
  4. Commercial Real Estate – The next big short? Value Walk
  5. Is this a rally fueled by fake news? Russell Investments
  6. From hiking rates to reducing the size of the balancesheet: First Trust
  7. Valuations matter! Real Investment Advice
  8. What’s wrong with the Neutral Momentum ETF? Price Action Lab
  9. April is historically a strong month…SO? The Irrelevant Investor
  10. Hope this isn’t you! Above the Market

What I am reading today (2 April 2017)

  1. You need to read Bob Lutz’s take on Tesla: LA Times
  2. A value investor and buying Trump’s presidency: The Reformed Broker
  3. Bonds on weed = stocks on crack: GMO
  4. You can depend on markets being cyclical! A Wealth of Common Sense
  5. Rules to live by: The Big Picture
  6. CAPE ratio continues going higher…for how long? NY Times
  7. Speaking of which, Stock to Bond ratio is now at the 2007 peak levels: Knowledge Leaders Capital
  8. The car and the skateboard, what are we on? Hussman Funds
  9. And once again…we have no clear direction! 
  10. Buying EMs and the final scene of the French cult movie La Haine: Alpha Sources

What I am reading today (30 Mar 2017)

  1. Who knows first – Sell side or Buy side? FT
  2. The earlier you are, the better your returns may be: The Reformed Broker
  3. A hypothetical wall street with other areas of life: A Wealth of Common Sense
  4. Better the name, the easier the game: Evidence Investor
  5. How much is enough? Pragmatic Capitalism
  6. What’s not seen in Financial Media: Dan Solin
  7. Let’s call it “Schuller’s Law”: CFA Blog
  8. Oil price shock –> Middle East borrowings – what comes next? Project Syndicate
  9. A look at the century bond: GMO
  10. How effective is a stress test? The Irrelevant Investor

What I am reading today (28 Mar 2017)

  1. You don’t want to miss this: The Reformed Broker
  2. Constructing a well balanced portfolio… FMD Capital
  3. …because it doesn’t take much to lose your sleep on: Market Watch
  4. How bloated are the funds…what does it even mean? Morningstar
  5. HFT points to the future of Fintech: FT
  6. Implications of more information: CFA Blog
  7.’s not Trump to blame! The Hill
  8. A Picture = 1.2 trillion words: The Irrelevant Investor
  9. Who pays for taxes and Infra reforms? Knowledge Leaders Capital
  10. “Hard Day;s Night”: SMEAD Capital