What I am reading today (13 June 2017)

  1. Contemplating ETF selection? Good enough will do: The Irrelevant Investor
  2. The Tech wreck…may just be exaggerated: A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. Tech talent: USA’s loss…is Canada’s gain! NPR
  4. Understanding Women and Millennials: CFA Blog
  5. Making money with money is not a great strategy anymore: Janus Henderson
  6. Global Energy is seeing seismic shifts: Bloomberg
  7. Why we cling to Pessimism: Collaborative Fund
  8. Fund Managers’ Asset Allocation – June: The Fat Pitch
  9. The power of Momentum is underrated: Of Dollars and Data
  10. Muni bond ladder investing – Active wins vs Passive: AB Global

What I am reading today (09 June 2017)

  1. The 24 minutes you may want not to miss: The Reformed Broker
  2. The unsung heroes of Investing: Bps & Pieces
  3. A lot has changed in investment management: Humble Dollar
  4. Ways around uncertainty: Vanguard
  5. Looking for a black swan – look to North Korea: Market Watch
  6. EU sets an example – how to save a failing bank: Bloomberg View
  7. The sharing economy and rise of crowd based capitalism: CFA Blog
  8. Being a B-Corporation…does it matter! Collaborative Fund
  9. Beware of the hedgerows: A Teachable Moment
  10. Diversification – Not as easy as it sounds: Knowledge Leaders Capital

What I am reading today (07 June 2017)

  1. Statman and Mauboussin’s greatest: A Wealth of Common Sense
  2. The brightest are in Finance…really? Bloomberg View
  3. 68% expect…40% may leave…inheritance: CNBC
  4. The $13 trillion consumer debt hangover: Bloomberg
  5. It is Fed vs the bond investors…stay away from the longer term: Schwab
  6. Increasing the debt ceiling needs to be top priority: Forecasts & Trends
  7. No…it is not just like 1987: The Fat Pitch
  8. Warren Buffet and the power of liquidity: Of Dollars and Data
  9. The four scenarios in the bond market: Alpha Sources
  10. Will Marvin Goodfriend be the dove among the hawks? FT

What I am reading today (06 June 2017)

  1. The change in perspective: Ray Dalio
  2. The big geopolitical fallout – Qatar’s isolation: Bloomberg
  3. The message from the bond markets for equities…is there one? Dash of Insight
  4. Diversification is hard…and getting harder: A Wealth of Common Sense
  5. Sharpe on the “the nastiest, hardest problem in finance.”: Bloomberg View
  6. Risks to the global recovery: Project Syndicate
  7. Well summarized in the three factors: Hussman
  8. Look to Forex as an asset class: Price Action Lab
  9. Its not just the returns, but also the path that matters: The Irrelevant Investor
  10. Expect an inverted yield curve by end of 2017…here’s why! CNBC

What I am reading today (02 June 2017)

  1. The Italian bank bailout begins! Bloomberg
  2. People will tell you anything! CFA Blog
  3. Index investors be warned: Market Watch
  4. Tech disruption in the US Housing Markets: Bloomberg
  5. No…not a bubble yet! Investing
  6. Goldman’s embarrassing bet on Venezuela explained: Forbes
  7. The end of demand for fossil fuels…by 2050: Absolute Return Partners
  8. Ask yourself – how much will you care: Collaborative Fund
  9. Using breadth to anticipate inflection points: The Fat Pitch
  10. Bitcoin momentum and mean reversion! Price Action Lab

What I am reading today (31 May 2017)

  1. Market corrections…what happened to them? LA Times
  2. The flattening of the yield curve – Why? Capital Spectator
  3. The 13 million nerds and what they mean to Apple: Ritholtz
  4. The threats to success of Financial Capitalism: CFA Blog
  5. Raising price targets and how! Market Watch
  6. 5 reasons to buy…OIL! Allianz Global Investors
  7. Don’t push to SELL! A Teachable Moment
  8. The Active Passive decision! 
  9. Canada’s stock market is lagging…Here’s why!Bloomberg
  10. The quant stuff isn’t new…its not too old either: RCM Alternatives

Best of the Blogs (30 May 2017)

  1. Evidence Based Investing: Views from JB: The Reformed Broker
  2. Real Estate – The good to know facts: A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. Oaktree Capital at the Wharton: Ritholtz
  4. Markets are not systemic: CFA Blog
  5. Trump’s threat to the EU Political class…is also true! CNBC
  6. The end matters…a lot! Of Dollars and Data
  7. Managed futures and the blending factors: Mark Rzepczynski
  8. It shouldn’t be Fed vs Growth: Bloomberg
  9. OPEC no more controls oil price? Forbes
  10. Who will reshape the world? China’s seniors! Bloomberg View

What I am reading today (29 May 2017)

  1. The Knowledge economy vs Trumpism: The Reformed Broker
  2. Solar cheaper than coal for India: The Energy Mix
  3. The rush for ESG Investing reminds one of the 1980s: CFA Blog
  4. The contradictions in Trump’s budget: Project Syndicate
  5. Betting on European stocks = Closet forex speculation: Price Action Lab
  6. Volatility in commodity markets…shall return someday! Bloomberg
  7. Momentum strategy has worked…but its time it took a breather: HORAN
  8. Great advice…from Buffet, Munger and Gates: Safal Niveshak
  9. Demographics and Economic Growth matters: Econompic
  10. The Double Intense Carnage: Tony Isola

What I am reading today (28 May 2017)

  1. It’s not easy to stay the course: A Wealth of Common Sense
  2. European stocks…what do you think? The Reformed Broker
  3. Marc Andreessen with Barry Ritholtz: Medium
  4. How to win in Financial Markets: Forbes
  5. View the Markets as they are! CFA Blog
  6. So when do valuations really matter? Hussman
  7. Meanwhile, keep an eye on Asia: Northern Trust
  8. Politics and Fed trumped by solid economics and earnings: Charles Schwab
  9. The crowded trade! Price Action Lab
  10. Equities or Individual Commodities: Bloomberg

What I am reading today (25 May 2017)

  1. Disruption…or is it? Polemic’s Pains
  2. The shift from Investment Management to Financial Advice! A Wealth of Common Sense
  3. US Consumer credit grows while mortgage debt comes off: Ritholtz
  4. Painful if you are early…more painful if you are late: Yahoo Finance
  5. Siegel vs Shiller: CFA Blog
  6. Volatility is near all time lows…or is it? AB Global
  7. The three geopolitical shifts to watch…Part 1 and Part 2: Knowledge Leaders Capital
  8. Bitcoin – worth twice as much as gold: Economist
  9. 4x leverage funds = 4x the returns? Not exactly: TFS Capital`
  10. We are in a bubble…NOT: The Brooklyn Investor